Andrey Andreev

My personal story:

I have been dealing with innovations and technologies all my life.

I am an expert, a professional in the sphere of technical solutions, creating enterprises, and technology integration. I can create new models, see ahead, study markets, technologies and systems, create goals and assign tasks for develop innovative products.

I am adequate, creative, intelligent, with spacious mind, flexible, logical in my actions.

I look to the future and model a new world – considering developed technologies in different spheres. I model its progress in more details in the area in which I am an expert. I model, offer new solutions, and new directions.

My social profile:

My circle of friends and acquaintances is wide and there are best professionals in it who are competent in innovative technologies. I keep in touch with them and I am a respected expert and partner among the professionals who develop the most advanced technological solutions in the world.

My plan – is to develop backbone projects basing on integration of the best world practices. These projects will lead us to creation of new effective products for the global markets B2B and B2C.

My resources: my competences, experience, knowledge of technologies and world’s best practices, best professionals in the world everyone in the narrow scope.

My mentality allows me to see processes in a different way, and I think it is my significant competitive advantage.


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since 2016


Co-Founder. Member Of The Management Board


since 2017

Arena SoldOut


Effective systems for online ticket sales for any events, shows, festivals, concerts.

Эффективные системы для он-лайн продаж билетов на любые мероприятия, шоу, фестивали, концерты.

since 2018


Consulting on Internet promotion for projects.
Analytics, system recommendations, deducing projects and sites in the top by search words.
Since the year 2001.
Building systems using algorithms, leading to high results.
Use of AI, algorithms, international analytical services.


Engineering Center of SPbPU “Center of Computer-Aided Engineering”
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Management of innovative projects.
The creation and leadership of the laboratory of composite materials (thermoplastic tapes and prepregs).


Managing company “Orion Asset Management” CJSC, “Skolkovo” innovation center participant
R&D Director
Lead-up and manage development  of  investment projects
Created from scratch concepts, business plans, organizational structure for significant investment projects:
• Innovative project “Technology development for manufacturing of composite production of basalt fiber” (application for a grant) in space cluster “Skolkovo”
• The project “Creation of industrial experiment manufacture of innovative production based on nanotextured composite material” for “ROSNANO” JSC and Federal State Reserve Agency (Rosrezerv)
• Technological expertise of the enterprises of Voronezh and Sterlitamak glass-reinforced plastic pipes plants on demand of “ROSNANO Kapital”, LLC


“ё-Avto” LLC
Composite material Lead Engineer.
Project mission: creation of new technology for car body production made of composite material (design criteria: the technology has to be competitive, more profitable comparing with traditional ones, should meet advanced up-to-date environmental concept at every stage of the whole product life cycle).
Tasks performed:
• Car body design coordination (BIW):
o Constructions (of the design)
o Material pick-up
o Method of manufacture
• Asses of existing and perspective world technologies in the field of polymer composite material for car components.
• Creation of requirements specification for car plant building. Performing buying service functions.
• An international consortium of companies which are the world’s leaders in the fields of design development, materials, technologies, equipment, lay-out schemes, logistics was established to achieve the goals
• Budget formation for Auto plant building
• Selection of technologies for mass production of the car body, gas cylinders, lighting , wheels, parts of electric motors .
• The project is developed. Project stage TA (Target Agreement). Objectives are defined. Phase concept for the design and technology of mass production of the car body made of composite materials over (work carried out for the first time in the world).
• Contracts for the development of a body with companies from the U.S. and Germany.
• Contracts for the supply of equipment from the U.S. and Germany.
• A system of SMED (quick change tooling) for 4 lines TFP-LFT-D.
• The organization concept of gas cylinders production made of composite materials, which is low-cost, competitive comparing with the steel cylinders.

Project stage: PPS Preliminary program specification: Feasibility study completed. Technical, economic and temporary project objectives are achievable and potential solutions selected.
Highlights and features of work in this project.
The goal, after all my previous experience and knowledge of global trends in the composite industry (constant participation in exhibitions and conferences for 15 years), demanded an analysis of the modern world technology market and search for companies that are able to bring innovations in the field of composite materials to the stage of mass production of finished parts in the car industry.
The main conclusion of the study showed that at the moment there was no such company in the world, which would have all the necessary competencies for the development of this project. Most similar project was in development at BMW (composite body made of carbon ) but this solution was fit for a higher price range than was required for this project . Also, this concept did not meet promising environmental requirements for recycling materials. Besides, BMW does not have engineering services for new emerging companies.
After concerning these analysis results for the task solution I was been asked to establish an international consortium of partners who have the necessary competencies in their fields.
Implementing this approach, negotiations were held: two research institutes in Germany, manufacturers of equipment and tooling from Germany, engineering companies from Russia, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Portugal and manufacturers of car painting equipment from South Africa, manufacturers of materials from Russia and France. Organized meetings and consultations with members of the consortium in Germany, Austria, and USA.
Apart from negotiation moderation and meetings with those partners, my role was to distribute tasks, coordination of work and training RASIC plan. Also, my role was to constantly coordinate designers and manufacturers of tooling and equipment, to combine specialists into a single team, to initiate cross-cutting issues in order to create the most effective solutions.
Contracts to design the manufacturing and assembly technology with one of the leading German companies in the industry of were signed. My role was to design and organize production process in accordance with the ideology and principles of lean system by TPS (Toyota Production System) and regular participation as a moderator in the meetings on the design and construction of car factory with German companies and the Russian project organization.
In operation, the experts of the consortium missing competencies were identified and new members appealed. Specifications for the main process equipment were defined, negotiations conducted and contracts for the supply of equipment prepared. In the sphere of my influence was contract support and interim acceptance at the manufacturing factory.


Space cluster “Skolkovo Foundation”

• Appraisal of projects submitted for obtaining the status of innovation center «Skolkovo» participant.



State unitary enterprise “Kalinigrad amber factory”
• Project (R & D) for establishing the concept of decorative light transparent panels production made of amber fines materials.
• The world’s first organized experimental work on fines amber agglomeration through the physical process. From idea to practical results.
• The technologies for decorative composite panels production using a low liquid amber fines. Prototypes performed. Records and samples delivered to the customer. Currently, the company launched production of products.


LORENZ Kunststofftechnik GmbH.
Country Division Head: Russia, Former Soviet Republics
•SMS / BMS / prepregs / premixes (composite materials) .
•Product launch in the markets of Russia and Former Soviet Republics. Technical support. Search for potential consumers.
Successful tests of materials for implementation. Positive results were obtained, the materials recommended for implementation .
Work was done for more than 30 enterprises: Plant «Contactor» (Ulyanovsk), «Divnogorsk low-voltage equipment» (Krasnoyarsk Territory), the plant «Moldavizolit» (Transnistria), «Velan» JSC (Zelenokumsk), R&D «Fiberglass» (on-site «Vanguard», Safonovo)
Work with research centers for the development of innovative applications of composites.


“Kompozit-NK” LLC
Founder, owner and CEO (100 people staff)
Strategy development, business development. Manufacturing development. Customers data base create.
• Manufacture of composite materials production.
• Innovative use in the construction industry, housing and public utilities and transport.
• Work with research centers.
•For the first time in Russia First project in Russia for reconstruction projects of municipal wastewater treatment facilities fulfilled using composite materials, which allowed avoiding the cost for reconstructed objects repair till the present.
•Developed the design and production technology of producing translucent, bulky items for the retail network «Rosneft» rebranding.
•Chemically resistant products for rolling mill at the metallurgical plant «Ural Steel» Orsk designed by customer’s statement of work.
•The technology developed and production of floating concrete pontoons and parking for small fleet launched (region — Middle Volga — Kama)

Personal additional information
• Interested in innovative projects ; desire to create innovative production for the mass market
• Wide horizons in different areas of knowledge. Creative way of thinking . Logic . Developed analyst
• Leadership skills expressed, extensive experience in project management and coordination , team work experience and responsible decisions making
• Organized person having a «sense of time»
• Developed technical intuition
• Sociable, purposeful and active
• Flexible in relations with partners
• Constantly engaged in self-education, interested in new materials, technology, economics, management
• Experienced PC user, driving license
• Marital status: Married. Adult childrens
• Hobbies: skiing, tennis, CCM Powerboat Championship. World Championships medalist

If you have questions, or suggestions, be free to contact me